The most important recruitment metrics you should monitor

recruitment metrics

Who should track recruiting metrics and how are those metrics calculated?

Most companies track their corporate recruiting metrics through large HR departments, recruitment professionals, and talent acquisition teams. The ability to gather, process and manage recruitment metrics is made easier with modern HRMS platforms. An HRMS platform can track recruiting metrics for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have dedicated talent acquisition resources.

Mortality in the first year

A first-year attrition rate is what? Attrition during the first year of employment is the number of candidates who leave within one year.

The quality of hire

‍A new hire’s quality is defined by the value he or she brings to the company. Specifically to the success of the organization. More than half of talent acquisition leaders place a high priority on the quality of hire. Nevertheless, it is one of the most difficult recruitment metrics to measure, and that is primarily because it takes time to evaluate both the performance and results in a new hire will bring during his tenure. This can be a lengthy process.

Getting ready to fill

Stability is promoted within your organization through time to fill metrics. A potential new employee’s hiring time is measured by how long it would take to find and hire them. A company’s approval of a requisition begins the process, which continues until the candidate has had his background checked. Managers can gain a better understanding of how long it takes to fill a job position.

Amount of time spent on each step

The time spent by a candidate on each step is captured by these recruiter productivity metrics. Your applicant tracking system should show you this rate. Phone screens, interviews, and submissions to the hiring manager are examples of steps in the hiring process. Your recruitment turnaround time benchmark, in other words, gives you the “big picture”.

Probation passed as a percentage

Many companies don’t analyze the performance of candidates post-hire as a measure of how effective their hiring process is, but this can be a huge drain on company time and resources.

Conclusions about Recruiting Metrics

Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned to work. No need to use every single metric to get results. But it’s important to take the time to figure out which ones will have the biggest impact on your recruitment process.



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