Busy, Busy…it beats the alternative*

Yesterday I had appointments in the morning and early afternoon. I did not leave my last appointment until 1:50 pm; this is not acceptable because I am desperately trying to kill time here. So, I got a drink of water from the Intermodal*, walked through a few local stores, went to the library, used the express Internet, and then I walked back to my apartment complex around 4:00. Luckily, I arrived at 4:15, was able to rest for a few minutes, and then went back out into the community. I hung out with my boyfriend after lunch, trying to kill even more time! I was outside until 7 pm; that was enough for one day.

Today I left my apartment complex at 7:00 am, went to the Intermodal and stayed there until 7:45 am, and then I spent time at the local job search office.

I was at the job search office until 8:50 am and it only took me 10 minutes to arrive at the local library; Now I am at the local library.

I will be here until 10:30 am; afterwards I will get lunch and then I have a job fair to attend.

After the job fair, I will come back back to the library for a self-defense training class which ends at 2 PM; however, I don’t plan on going to my apartment complex until after 4 PM, which leaves me with the same problem I had yesterday: Too much time to blow off!

Anyway, it’s been months, but I hope I find work soon.

. In this instance, “the alternative” refers to staying in an undesired place or situation

. “Intermodal” is the local term for the transit hub in this geographical area.

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