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I don’t have much time left on the library computers; even though I am currently an unemployed job seeker with not a shred of income, it has been a busy day gathering food, limited supplies of clothes, and applying for a bus pass to extend my job application/interview process. The good thing about not being on Facebook is that I mostly use the library computers to fill out applications, confirm interviews, plus I can also research companies and available resources.

I know… Facebook can be great. I have friends on Facebook that I have been close with since childhood, and if it wasn’t for the free internet service, I never would have seen or heard from them again.

I will say this however… I left Facebook for a reason.

In addition to having friends on Facebook, I also have family members on Facebook. This is unacceptable due to the fact that every time I apply for a job on the bus route(which is still in the area), it is too far away, every time I deign to take control of my life and honestly state that I am an adult and it’s none of my family’s business, I get ganged up on through Facebook chat.. would they ever say these things to my face? No, never. Better yet, when I defend myself against criticism, I am being ungrateful and selfish. The last point is if I make even a remotely vague or philosophical Facebook status, my friends will not respond; however, my family… “Why is everything you write so cryptic?”

I am ungrateful; I have spent a far too significant portion of my life pleasing my family at the expense of my personal growth and success. Without Facebook, the guilt trips and the offhanded comments, personally needing the resolve not to pulled back into the fold; de nada(Fancy term for “it isn’t going to happen” or “it does not exist.”)

I have been unnervingly loyal; Facebook helped me rediscover my close long-time friends and unmasked my family’s true colors, and I will always be grateful for that. Now, my friends are truly supportive of my lifestyle, and while I don’t have work yet, I am surviving and I have been through quite a few interviews. While knowing I never truly had familial support is disheartening, at least I know better now.

Facebook can be a great tool to help people reconnect and even to learn; after all, it is how I learned how I was an ISFJ and that the whole “loyal for life” philosophy was highly applicable to that particular personality type(f.y.i.- “so is the cold shoulder).

The only thing I am completely unwilling to forgive is disloyalty and the inter-family gossiping about my life fits that description to the extreme; I forewarned my family a thousand times(unfortunately, I have also gone back nearly as many times- broken resolve is something else).

Facebook does not help with the whole “broken resolve” issue so I discarded it the same way you might discard a defunct piece of machinery… the naked truth hurts, but it is very simple: I am better off without my family’s input.

That is why I left Facebook and I don’t plan on returning anytime soon; the constant barrage will never let up, since past experience is a very solid indication, and I don’t need any more complications in my life… I have enough already(that’s an entirely different subject though…maybe some other time).

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