What evidence do you have that being grossly overweight is healthy, other than your personal…

My results are fine, my bloodwork proves otherwise, I do not get disability for being obese and since my test results always come back normal and my doctor does not advise me to lose weight because of my weight, my test results and doctor pretty much prove that being obese does not always mean unhealthy and I have my personal health records and test results to prove this is the case. It is not “one size fits all”… nothing is. If a doctor told me to lose weight and it was a problem, I would do it. I am losing weight on my own and I don’t need your negativity. The facts, in my case, prove that you can’t blame a high risk factor solely on obesity… That is not my “personal opinion”; it is fact. It is a highly understated fact, but it is still true and there are plenty of people “grossly overweight” in your words, that do not have any health problems, and have the records to prove it as I do. I do everything I can to stay healthy and I do gets lots of activity, but based on that on looks alone is pure shallowness.

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