I’m cutting myself off. From screen-time. I just spent the majority of my spring break at home lying around staring at a screen. Whether it was my computer, my phone, or the TV…It was almost constant. And yes, of course it is important to check emails and all that but I found myself checking everything obssessively to the point where I actually noticed and said to myself, “this is too much.” I mean, there were times (sadly more than once) when my computer was running a game, I was watching Netflix on the TV and I was checking Facebook on my phone…Talk about overstimulating my poor little brain. That seriously can’t be good for anyone.

Even when I wasn’t being a lazy lump, I was doing yoga…which was playing on the television in front of me. So once I realized that my screen-usage was excessive, I considered cutting myself off completely… “No more computer or phone!” I thought to myself, “This madness must stop!” But, I’m a college student. I need computers to successfully get through my classes and daily life. I need to be able to check emails, messages, online drives, etc. I am also the type of person who checks all of my screen-things until I go to sleep, and even then, I like to sleep with the TV on so I pretty much never give myself a break from it.

So since cutting myself off just isn’t realistic for my life, I will be limiting myself. I’m going to start by not looking at a screen starting the hour before I go to sleep. I’m sure it can only enhance my sleep and give me time to decompress and think or write or something better than staring at another electronic face (which I am ironically doing right now to type this.) I’ve also read things online that have said doctors are noticing worsening eyesight and general anxiousness in millenials due to all of this…So maybe this can improve those areas as well. I should look into that more so I can actually give a real statistic…

Anyway, that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes.

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