Blog project 1&2

Acts of Composition

(and Rhetoric)

Blog project 1

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” By “Martian Luther king Jr”

Format : Quotes

Audience : People family & friend

Purpose : To inform people that you cant fight a problem with a problem to overcome the problem it has to be something stronger.

Effectiveness: In this quote it talks about how darkness cannot be used against darkness to make positive views and a person that hates against another person that hate outcome wont be good unless you have some thing stronger to fight with which is love etc . So you cant fight problem with problem you need something to overcome the problem. This quote by its self has a effect because it generally explains how a person should overcome or even change to outcome of the situation.

Blog project 2

Format : Movie (Prisoners)

Audience : Parents/ families

Purpose : To inform people that they should be aware of certain situations. also generally be aware that children get abducted everyday by unstable human beings that has a mental issue Now and in there past child hood life they go through things .

Effectiveness: This Movie effects how parents and children are Perceived. Parents not being aware at one moment can sometimes be devastating and harmful to a child life in a instant. Sometimes parents are not always paying attention to there child. I generally think this movie relates to everyday life and situation that sometimes end up on the news. This effects lots of parents , grandparents etc.

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