Oh, those guilty feelings. They DO come.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey to living life as the best possible version of me, it’s the fact that this is a freaking battlefield ya’ll. Whether it’s a mental, physical, or spiritual pattern you are trying to overcome, it tends to be a bloodbath..’ish gets MESSY.

It’s amazing how in one moment you can come to these seemingly earth-shattering conclusions, instantly draw up resolutions, and make a declaration of commitment. Moments later you come face to face with your enemy and suddenly you’ve forgotten all about that moment of revelation and resolve. That commitment turns to compromise. And before you know it you’ve reached an all time low. You know this pattern, you’ve experienced this viscous cycle..and you can witness that it SUCKS.

One tool I have found to help me overcome this vicious cycle is notecards. Cause like I said, it’s a matter of moments before I forget my revelation and commitment..and in those moments of temptation when your caught up in the lust of it all, it’s nearly impossible to think clearly and draw upon any sort of COMMON SENSE. So I decided to help myself out. Every time I hear or read a quote, a scripture, or draw a new conclusion I write it down on a notecard and keep these notecards in a small plastic photo album I carry with me. I look over my notecards several times a day reading over the quotes, scriptures, prayers..and suddenly, those words become real. They become the new go-to scripts in my mind..they become the new weapon of truth defeating the old lies tucked away in my head.

And so, here’s today’s. A reminder for those moments of temptation when that brownie is staring you straight in the eye and won’t back down. It might sound like a good idea, you might come up with 100 reasons why you SHOULD, why you DESERVE it, and why it WON’T REALLY MATTER..but all you need is one reason, ONE reminder to pull you out of that vicious pattern of thought, the whirlwind of denial, and bring you back to reality & the consequence of that decision: don’t fool yourself love, those guilty feelings, they DO come. Regardless of the abundance of excuses you have to give way to that temptation, you know in your heart how you will feel later. And while the ratio of pro’s and con’s is one million to one, sometimes all you need is ONE. One really good reason, one really good reminder, one really good promise of truth you wrote down in a moment of clarity that IS your hearts true desire. You were created for more than this, remember that. Write it down.