Why is A.I. Artificial Intelligence from Spielberg still a revolution?

In a futuristic society, robots are living among us to satisfied humans' desires and to help them with painful tasks. One day, scientifics decide to create a robot that can truly have feelings instead of mimic them. This looks like a classic SyFy script like any other and we could expect the robot to then be aware of their situation and declare war to humanity… but none of this happen and this is where the genius strikes.

The robot created is a child, created to love his mother. Love at first, he learns a bunch of other feelings like frustration, fear or hope through a journey accross our world from our past to our future. He hopes, as Pinnochio, to become a real boy to be loved by his mother as she loves her “real child". What he sees and what he feels will be at the very end the only print humanity will let on this planet, a journey through our own past, present and future, without a dolorean.

Spielberg asks us about a major topic of our existence, what makes us human? With a robotic leg, am I still human? Sure I am will most people say. Add a robotic lever, a robotic eye or ear, or hand or even a full body, would I still be human? Nobody knows basically what makes us human. This is the philosophy of this movie and this is where it is revolutionnary. Spielberg does not tells us how to think or what choice is good or not, he only put the question on the table and that is where the genius strikes again.

The effects on the movie aged very well, from the robots to hollograms or aliens, this movie is still magnificient. A good mix between CGI and animatronics takes us back to the golden age of star wars.

This movie is not so famous, probably because it went out too early, with the progress we made in robotics and genetics, it is now time to put it back on the shelf of the masterpieces of Steven Spielberg.

What about you? Where do you set the limit of humanity?

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