Venmo for Charity

This is General Assembly UX Immersive course project.

I lead a team of 3 classmates through the UX design process in order to explore what Venmo would look like with charitable donations.

10 Day Design Sprint Timeline

We chose an aggressive timeline so that we would have an entire day to devote to finalization of the presentation deck and an additional day for rehearsal.

The first day I recorded what individual goals we all had for improvement as well as a group goal for the project itself; which was a final project portfolio ready.

Arguably the most insightful thing we did, in addition to interviewing venmo users, donors and charities, was comparing the processes between the two groups.

We learned exactly where and with what affordances we needed to design additional functionality in the venmo experience.

User interviews revealed that the core design principle that needed to guide all other design principles was maintaining the simplicity and efficiency of social money transactions.

Our user testing revealed things like, no one wanted “to be contacted by” the charity or nonprofit; but they did want to “receive the newsletter via e-mail”.

All in all I am very proud of what my team accomplished. We worked very hard and were able to produce a research validated, user tested prototype for enabling donation functionality into Venmo’s existing app.