Question? Were you actually getting stronger on that plan?
Igor Minkin

Please see my response below:

Question? Were you actually getting stronger on that plan? It seems illogical to you would be able to gain strength and by extension muscle mass and lose weight.

>> Yes, via. newbie gains. Beginner lifters can build muscles and loose weight at the same time, if they’re overweight. When I started I was at 90 KG. This before & after shows the extent of my obesity.

Also if you only having one meal a day how many calories can you really consume as part of that meal? A 1000 calories, 2000?

>> I set an aggressive deficit plan. At 90 kilos, my maintenance calories were around 3000. To lose 20 KG, I was consuming 1600–1800 calories everyday. Using the following table:

 Base      Target Weight       Daily Calories
90 KG 80 KG ( 170 lbs ) 170 * 10 = 1700
80 KG 75 KG ( 165 lbs ) 165 * 10 = 1650

Is that really enough to sustain your body when you are doing 6 hours of strength training a week?

>> This may vary amongst individuals. I did fine. I think my body had plenty of fat reserves to go around.

The reason I ask is that most strength training programs involve weight gain rather then weight loss. You build muscle and your body weight goes up. Individuals that are substantially over weight can potentially do both but from what I understand not for very long. Logically if you are shedding substantial amounts of weight you are very unlikely to see strength gains. The opposite is more likely.

>> I’ve addressed this above — newbie gains. Yes, I was overweight.

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