You’re voting for Trump if you are not voting for ANY democrat.

I am also voting for Gary Johnson. For the first time in recent memory, a third-party candidate has an opportunity to share the presidential debate stage and distinguish him/herself from the two dominant parties. The intriguing aspect of the Johnson/Weld ticket is the fiscally conservative/socially liberal platform that is appealing to a subset of both Republicans and Democrats, respectively. Add to this a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy with a commitment to stop doubling-down on our Middle East fiasco, and you have a truly unique ticket that might establish the Libertarian Party as the beginnings of a viable and sustainable option for future elections.

Given the realistic amount of time most of us with careers outside of politics can devote to enacting the type of systematic change you seem to be advocating, supporting a third-party candidate like Johnson is likely to be the closest you’re going to get to a revolution.

You’re welcome.