Assignment 2. Application Critique of Discord
Piyush VJani

Haha. You should put more opinions why you think these 3 points are our important points of the presentation. Anyway, I have some thoughts about your post:

For business model like musician: Our idea is about you have a group of people, some are good at playing instruments, some are good at writing songs, some are good at singing. So you can gather them in one channel, using voice/text chats to share your thought, share your performance. Sometimes we can not meet each other face-to-face, so Discord will help.

For presentation, it quite similar. Like even you were not here, but we still needed to discuss about our ideas, our products. So create a channel, using it to present your ideas is a really good approach. If Discord has video chat, it’s even better.

My thoughts:
I think our important part is also presented about how Discord is different from Slack, TeamSpeak, Skype… to make it successful like that. Focusing on gamers only might be one of the reasons why Discord can be success, they had less competitor but the target users are still large.

Anw, hope you enjoy our presentation.