Day one! Yesterday was going to be day one but the family and I drove to Austin and back so I was beat when I got home. I went to be early and decided to get a fresh start in the morning and here we are.

Since I’m trying to learn the Apex language for a Salesforce Dev position I decided to start there. Every developer that works with Salesforce told me that Apex is similar to Java so I downloaded the Sololearn Java app so I can learn whenever I had any down time. I got through the “Basic Concepts” section and tomorrow I will move on to the “Conditionals and Loop” section. I think I can grasp the concepts pretty quickly. Maybe that’s me being over confident, but I’m determined either way.

Got to work and I admit I’m a little checked out there. The hopes of an industry transition has me in a great mood though. So in my down time I sat down in my office and started the “Admin Hero: Zero to Hero” series by Brent Downey. I’ve read every good salesforce developer is a good admin so I want to brush up on my skills I did dive in too deep but I was sure to finish chapter one.

Switching gears, I jumped over to http://www.sfdc99.com/beginner-tutorials/ to start working on my salesforce dev skills. David Liu suggests doing three tutorials a week. I plan on doing three a day. Today I got a little crazy and went through six. I doubt I’ll be able to keep that momentum. Again, with my brief history with programming I’m picking up more than I thought I would.

As the day went on I wanted to be sure to work on a few different things to completely level myself up so I went to the gym and listened to the Code Newbie Podcast while I worked out. It was Ep. 137 — Intro to Data Science with Briana Vecchione. She explained the different steps it takes to answer a complex data question with code.

I didn’t want to abandon my original plan to completely finish all the certifications on Free Code Camp so I spent about a hour on there. I worked through a few lessons and I have to say it felt good to jump back in JavaScript after so long. I’m still trying to be the first person to complete the whole program.

I’m going to work on some trailhead tonight after this post for salesforce and I’ll reference it on twitter. Thanks to everyone out there for all of your support and inspiration! One day down, ninety nine to go!

-Lex Wilridge