On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Have you even checked outHillary’s emails? You write several things about “Bernie’s lack of judgment,” quote, “ I don’t trust Sanders’ judgment, even though he got it right that one time on Iraq…” yet, you trust someone who started a proxy war in Syria, by placing Assad defectors to ignite the Syrian Civil War? Or perhaps, you trust someone who does multi-million dollar Saudi arm deals, and titles the arm sales “CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.” Clinton and her aides are great human beings. I wonder how many Yemeni children will, one day, thank her, for having a hand in destabilizing their country. I can go through your entire article, but, “like you,” I actually have done my research (dedicate videos to the Sanders campaign/have seen all of Hillary’s history of consistent political corruption), and I have Bernie’s actual speeches/votes, as well. Not like the other candidate, whose Goldman Sachs speeches (I saw she used a white noise machine, this election haha) have not even been released. Your article made me laugh because my gosh, Bernie Sanders is a far better candidate than Hillary. Instead of sending the children to fight wars, he will send them to college (tax on Wall Street speculative), so they can pursue a degree and actually create a life for themselves.

This article made me appreciate and continue to fight this political revolution. Bernie Sanders is doing a lot of things right. The other one, let’s hope she’s indicted because under the Federal Records Act, Clinton committed a crime of keeping and possibly sending (heard she got hacked lol) classified emails. If justice really does exist, then I hope it does the right thing. Lock her up. Bernie, 2016.

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