“Hang in there”

Advice you should definitely take.

The first couple weeks of school are always the hardest. Especially if you’re new to the school, the program and the language. You have no idea how to navigate the campus let alone how to read the schedule. Everyone constantly speaks German around you and you can only understand a couple words here and there. No one is going out of their way to say hi or try to become friends with you. You feel alone. You feel left out. You are very much out of your comfort zone. All your friends back home are posting pictures and status’ of how much fun they’re having and you would give anything in the world to go home and be with them.

Hang in there

Fear not, you’re not alone. If you have travel companions, chances are they are feeling there same way. (Unless they are a boy who’s constantly surrounded by attractive women. Then you’re S.O.L.) it does help to talk about it. Knowing you aren’t the only one feeling this way is a huge relief and weight off your shoulders. It makes it 10 times easier to cope.

Hang in there

Give it time. You are new to everyone just as much as everyone is new to you. They are still adjusting and understanding so give them the courtesy of your patience. Rome wasn’t built in one day. I would know, I went on a tour of the ancient city and the strange speech tendencies of the guide are burned into my memory.

Hang in there

Get the heck out of your apartment. Smell the fresh air. See the city, the people and the nature. Netflix will be there when you get back, I promise. Having the opportunity to do what you’re doing is not permanent. See it while you can, or life will just pass you by. Being out and about will distract your mind from it’s depressing thoughts and help you fell happy and excited again. You may not meet people everywhere you go, but at least you get to stare at them for a bit. People watching is fantastic, become a master.

I’ve come to realize that I accidentally wrote this post as an advice column or something of the sort. An advice column that I should be reading right now. Luckily, my problem is solved, here it is. Here is my advice column. For myself and for anyone who wants it.

Don’t worry mom and dad, I’m hanging in there!

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