My postcard

Today, marks the end of home self-learning method and it was very interesting to learn on how to create a GitHub repository containing a clone of a sample user interface using HTML and CSS. Though, it took me some hours to get a relevant material that explains the logic behind it.

My experience so far is still remarkable but a little bit stressful. These days the way I love my system (pc) is like the way snails love its shell. It is now; I know that the road to stardom is not as easy as I thought.

Also, I had to solve some problems on prototyping and finding extra number in an array. The problems were tricky as usual, so I had to seek for suggestions from my team .I still hope to learn more in the coming days because as we live, we learn and am thanking God for gift of life and for equipping me with strength to seek more for knowledge.

Shout out to my team members, my BFA, colleagues in the other groups that am missing them already, can’t wait to see them in camp again. Cheers!


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