Paper with a Screen


If was told some 15 years ago as a Nigerian that the computer system I was using at that time would be as it is now, I probably would have used another 2 hours to explain why it won’t be possible. Take for instance that everything stayed the same including what we wear, eat, drink, read, think, use or drive.

Eventually, everyone from my birth year has some belief in the likes of IBM, HP, Apple, Dell etc. to make things smaller and at the same time lighter but not undermining the quality there used to be in the market of those days. I remember when a fully coupled computer system would cost between 60–70,000.00 NGN but with less than 30,000.00 NGN you could have same system with the same configuration set-up for you by my friends in Ikeja computer village.

Ikeja Computer Village Lagos, Nigeria.

All they need to do was ask “Oga wetin you want make the system get. Shey na pentium 3 or pentium 4, you want cd player and how many Gig hard disk make e get”. The funny thing about these guys was that they only had a little formal education the best being secondary school leavers but the fact technology was never ending gave them a reason to see what they do as a viable business, guess they had bigger and wider scope than the then knowledgeable. And today walking through that market you would not need to get them to ask you about your desired configuration so as to couple it, as they already had your would be system requirement set-up and waiting for you as a buyer.

Graciously, 15 years down the line and I can almost slip a complete fully functional computer system into my back pocket, have it weigh less that 5 kilos or hand it to my 2 years old niece and not be scared it might crush her if she throws it on herself while trying to climb the reading table. And each day I look at the fact that it only cost a few hundred thousand to get a high tech laptop unlike those days when companies would make very serious budgets to buy laptops for its implementers or desktop server machines use to come at a very high price. But today, hardly can you find an urban household without a laptop or desktop thereby making it easier for business and individuals to pass their messages to a growing population and I would not need to be as popular as Taylor Swift in other to have at least 1 million people read my article or hear me speak.

Now I look forward to a time when it will be a “Paper with a screen” and not a “paper screen”. Also considering that there will be foldable screens just before end of 2017 from the stable of one of the biggest mobile phone producers in the world.

A mockup of a foldable Samsung smartphone

Then I can boldly say everything in technology is possible so long as someone is having sleepless nights here and there, while trying to solve someone's problem.

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