They embrace a capitalistic view of human worth and ignore the underlying issues in the education system.

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There’s no debating that the effects of slavery have persisted. Reparations plans have been set forth by several prominent politicians and civil rights group leaders. Most recently in the news is the one set forth by BET. They’re a crowd-pleasing concept, but they won’t work. Here’s why.

Ripping people from their land, robbing them of their humanity, forcing them to labor, demeaning their humanity, disenfranchising their posterity, and then sitting idly by while a broken system continues to harm them. How can this…

If you really think all lives matter, stop rejecting Black Lives Matter.

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When Black Lives Matter started gaining traction, all lives matter picked up too. I’ll admit that in the beginning, I wondered about the distinction also. It seemed like common sense to say that all lives matter, because of course, they do. And since I believed that all lives mattered and that included black lives, I felt as though everything was right in the world. …

They were written for men, but the changes since then may not be enough to permit female success equally.

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I recently picked up a new side hustle, and it’s sales-related. Part of the job is calling on those who have filled out an interest note. The goal is to reach out and sell them on a product of interest. It’s not cold calling, which makes it much less intimidating. But then I got the script.

The training explicitly says to follow the script and that it is tried and true. My questions remained. Some parts seemed too forward, and others seemed rude. But my instructions are not uncommon among sales supervisors when boasting about their magical scripts. …

A Follow Up to “Hitting on Women is so Over.”

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One of my most recent articles, “Hitting on Women is so Over,” garnered much support and some opposition. As naive as this may sound, I really didn’t expect any opposition at all. The article was about something I experienced firsthand and how it made me feel, neither of which are at the discretion of anyone but me. My perception of the situation was my own, as were my feelings that ensued.

I hit the publish button proudly. For those of you with whom the piece resonated, I am glad you…

I got hit on, at work, in front of my male colleagues, and it was so much more than just humiliating.

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On Thursday, I was speaking casually with three of my male colleagues in our front office. The office is in the corner unit on a ground floor with windows on two of the main walls. We were discussing a mix of work and current affairs when we looked up to see a young man walk past the window waving. This action is not uncommon since we have so many windows. People usually offer a friendly wave or head nod. Naturally, we waved back.

That’s when it happened. He locked eyes with me, stopped, and turned to face me. I’d never…

What we are telling women when we instantly label their display of emotions as PMS?

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I had a long day last week. A very long day, actually. Everything I was working on went wrong, everyone gave me bad news, I was dealing with the standard Coronavirus anxiety, and by the early afternoon, I’d had more than enough. I was in that mood that made me feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and sad all at the same time.

In those situations, indulging my emotions has a magical way of reducing the pressure that’s built up.

Except I was out and about, running errands and working with others, so instead, I pushed my desire to indulge my emotions away…

Professional ambition doesn’t make me broken.

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I try to be a good person, just like anyone else. I believe I am. I help people who need it, try to be sensitive, show compassion, and stand up for what’s right. Except everyone is always telling me I’m selfish. You might wonder why if I do all the things I say. Well, I do, but still, I am called selfish. I am “selfish” for no other reason than I am open about not wanting children.

I’m 23, married, but I don’t want children. Despite all the things I do to try and…

A Netflix show highlights the mass failure of modern relationships due to gender inequities.

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A reality show about building an emotional connection? I was intrigued.

Too Hot to Handle was a new Netflix show about sexy singles in a resort setting. Pretty much your basic reality TV type show featuring attractive people and a general theme of raunchy sex — except there would be no sex.

The show claimed to be trying to teach supposed singles ensconced in hookup culture, how to build emotional bonds, making it anything but the run of the mill raunchy reality show. But would it deliver? And how? …

Why do we believe the blatant lies about married sex?

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When I was single, I subscribed to the same philosophy that most noncommittal single people do; that commitment is the death of excitement. Why did I subscribe to this? I had no experience of being married, yet I was quick to make assumptions about the quality of married sex. I subscribed to it for no other reason than it was a concept continuously fed to me by modern media.

TV shows and movies are filled to the brim with dramatic and romantic plots of exciting single experiences. The married characters, on the other hand, are painted as boring by comparison…

Two thumbs up to Travis Scott.

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Despite my youth and pressure from friends, I’m not really into music or concerts. Music is something I might occasionally put on in the background, but background noise is all it is. I don’t have any particular genre or artist I like, and mostly I’m content to live in silence with only the noise of my thoughts.

Music is meant to entertain through an auditory evocation of emotion and sensation. Traditional listening via the radio and even concert attendance relies on the audience’s ability to pair melodies and lyrics with significant personal experiences adequately…

Leyla Channell

[she] “Jack of all trades.” Biosystems engineer, researcher, inventor, feminist author, web developer, artist, Master’s candidate. Second-generation American.

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