The next growth Point in Africa

Which city in Africa will be producing the best/most start-up companies in the next 10 years?

Will it be Dakar in Senegal, Lagos in Nigeria, Nairobi in Kenya or the Gauteng region in South Africa?

I have compared various economic indicators of various African countries. Did some research about their infrastructure and government incentives to attract foreign investors to their countries. Discovered what drives their respective economies. Had a look at political stability. Supporting ecosystems, legalisations, regulations, bureaucracy.

Must say I was quite impressed by Mozambique. During the last few years their annual GDP growth rate remained above 7% per year. As their economy is commodity driven, it did come down to a current 5%, but the future predictions looks impressive.

But then, I stumbled across an article that Mozambique has signed an agreement with both Zimbabwe and Botswana for the construction of a railway line and the development of a deep water harbour in Techobanine. This sleepy little fishing village is going to be transformed into an industrial development zone with a deep sea harbour that will be able to handle 100 million tons of cargo per year.

The amount of cargo that will pass through this harbour will be twice as much as through Richards Bay in South Africa. With the opening of the harbour and the adjacent industrial development zone, this small village will become a beehive of activity.

Problem is: There is no city ecosystem yet. Place for starting the best start-up companies in Africa? I doubt. Most start-up companies in Africa over the next 10 years? Maybe not.

Fact is: This village is going to be the next growth point in Africa.


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