Estrada para a cascata do Poço do Inferno
Estrada para a cascata do Poço do Inferno

Seguindo a tendência positiva de viajar mais dentro do país segue um conjunto de sugestões para quem gosta de natureza e/ou de fotografia.

Esta é uma lista arbitrária e não ordenada. Ficaram de fora várias outras jóias que não devem ser por isso consideradas menores.

Estes são locais que eu já visitei várias vezes em várias alturas do ano e que já explorei com algum grau de profundidade (e que já fotografei extensivamente também!).

Outono em Manteigas

Manteigas é uma vila localizada no vale glaciar da Serra da Estrela. Na envolvência da vila temos vários locais muito bonitos e uma grande biodiversidade florestal. É esta biodiversidade que nos presenteia com as maravilhosas cores de outono que podemos lá observar e que infelizmente hoje em dia são uma visão rara devido às monoculturas florestais de pinheiro e eucalipto. …

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This is the first part of a two-article series where we will cover all you need to know to get started on writing your first Javascript and React unit tests.

Why do we need unit tests?

Unit tests give us a high degree of confidence that our code behaves like we expect it to.

This is important in two moments: when first writing a piece of code and when we need to change the code later on.

What are unit tests?

Unit tests verify that the functions in the project produce the outputs we expect for a given input.

Lets drill down on that a bit.

The unit tests should not be on a separate project. This is important because unit tests are closely related to the source code, and having them on a separate project would make it much harder to implement and maintain the tests. …

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As part of our ongoing effort to be more open to the frontend community, we are announcing the launch of our first open source UI component: Brushable Histogram (click here for a demo).

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Since the first release, in 2011, our product had a Frontend component.

At the time, the Frontend consisted of 4 jQuery plugins that connected to the server and allowed to receive data in realtime from data processing streams. These plugins were called jPulse and allowed not only to receive the data but to plot it in line charts, column charts, pie charts and tables.

Below you can see how we would initialize a plot connected to a data stream and the corresponding chart that was rendered.

var dataseries = {
stream : 'transactions',
field : 'duration'
$P.plot( '#mydiv',[dataseries] );

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Bread and butter (by Whitney Wright)

REST APIs are the bread and butter of web (and other types of) applications.

However, as a product and its team grows, it’s easy for once well-known conventions to be lost and for inconsistency to creep in. This is why guidelines are a key tool in communicating conventions and best practices.

When writing our guidelines, we not only looked at our existing conventions but also researched what were the best practices used by other companies. This was helpful to validate our assumptions and, as we now wanted to share our opinionated set of guidelines, in helping others’ research.


  • Use camelCase — camelCase has the advantage that it can also be used as variable names and is more easily readable than lowercase. …

Na sombra das árvores

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Ouve-se o cair da água


Luís Cardoso

I like watching the sun set

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