Paying for Other People’s Life Choices
Rosie Spinks

Couple things:

  • I got in a little tiff on APW yesterday about whether emailed Thank You notes are acceptable. I say yes (given that my save the dates and invitations were sent out by email… we don’t even have people’s mailing addresses!) but there was a lot of clutching of pearls over the idea of not mailing thank you notes. Seems relevant here to the idea of wedding expectations (Stamps are $1 each in Canada! Even dollar store note cards for 150 guests is $300 total!)
  • I’d love to show some ‘Folders my wedding website, specifically our page where we discuss that we’re not having a registry because we have everything we need, and while gifts are totally not necessary (a fact I have repeated to the wedding party, many of whom are travelling) we’d be thrilled to receive contributions to our honeymoon savings or volunteers to help on the day (set up chairs, set up tech, pick up all the cakes and food that can’t be delivered, etc.) I don’t really want to post the URL here for privacy… are there PMs on Medium?
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