Oh my god yes.

I also feel a simmering resentment over the amount I feel obligated to spend for having a wedding! Every where you try to save money, somebody tells you that you look cheap, tacky, etc.

  • Wedding dress was $40 (mom: oh but it looks so cheap)
  • Invitations are emailed (coworker: it just feels like you don’t even respect your own wedding)
  • No wedding favours (nobody has said anything yet… because they don’t know… but in planning a friend’s wedding shower, I wasn’t going to have favours and her mom threw a fit about how rude and ungrateful it would look to not give favours at a shower. I’m bracing myself to what people might say about no favours at a wedding)
  • No wedding party gifts but that’s mostly because nobody really wants little tokens from etsy, so instead we’re taking them all out for brunch that morning, which is probably more per person than whatever the going rate is for wedding party gifts (wedding party says: FUN!)
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