The Cost of Getting a Ring
Ruzielle Ganuelas

I just want to say, as somebody who recently got engaged and did not want or get an engagement ring, that I am constantly alarmed at how judgemental people are to women who do want rings. It’s like, as soon as people discover thatI’m team anti-ring, then think I must also be team anti-women-who-want-rings, and they conspiratorially whisper very rude, judgemental things about ring-wanting women. THIS IS NOT OKAY. I completely support women who want different things than me. This woman wants a ring. That’s cool. It can mean what she wants it to mean, and be financed how she wants it to be financed, and be purchased by whom she wants to make the purchase. It’s all cool.

Remember our cool BillFold attitude to how people do money? Let’s extend that to how women do rings.

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