We Want to Believe: The Beauty Blender
Meghan Nesmith

Make up is so complicated. My mom was kind of mean about make up stuff (I’d say “made fun of me when I wore it” but that’s a bit strong) and so I never really wore any, and then kind of kept it as part of my self identity that I don’t really wear make up.

But then got annoyed with people always asking me if I’m sick or “rough night, eh?” for having bags under my eyes, so then I got into under eye concealer and mascara every day, and I feel good about that amount. Wish I knew more for when I want to look super nice (currently only do bb cream, blush, and an eye liner pencil).

The line about how trying but failing (poorly applied, very visible make up) can look worse and be more embarrassing than not trying at all. So… behold my zits, coworkers!

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