I Now Pronounce You: Wife!
Ester Bloom

When I moved into my first solo apartment for grad school, I had no kitchen items whatsoever. Previously, in undergrad, I lived with roommates who had all the stuff, and I just moved around with a futon and desk.

When my sister graduated she got married, and therefore got wedding gifts and moved into her first apartment with a beautiful kitchen. This seemed unjust, so I gave a rousing speech to my parents and surprisingly my mom bought me quite a lot (some second-hand finds, some dollar store stuff, but a few really nice frying pans and a 4-person place setting of dishes brand new that she found on sale). Five years later, I’m actually planning my wedding, and we’re going the no-gifts route as we have everything we need.

Instead of the tradition of wedding gifts, we should make it a You’re 25! party and that’s when we heap cookware on people.

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