Meet the Members: Jordan Carreno

Meet Jordan Carreno — Pictured above with pyro in hand

This is the first story in what will be an ongoing series of posts introducing you to LFC Tampa members. Read Jordan’s story of how he became a Liverpool supporter and at the end, Jordan answers some questions that undoubtedly show his passion for the club.

Hello! My name is Jordan Carreno. I’ve been an official member of LFC Tampa Bay for 4–5 seasons now but have been watching with the group since the beginning. Starting this season, I joined the LFC Tampa Bay organizing committee and will be the official representative of the supporters club at the Horse and Jockey in Pasadena, as well as writing for this very blog. Allow me to tell you my Liverpool and LFC Tampa Bay story.

I became a Liverpool supporter way back when in 2000 when my family relocated to England for my dad’s job. Up to that point I had never really watched professional football except for one or two World Cup 98' matches and the odd Tampa Bay Mutiny Game.

The first team I saw on the television when I arrived in England, at 9-years old, was Liverpool and I was instantly drawn to the fact they had two kids (Owen and Gerrard) as regular starters. After watching that side win the treble (UEFA Cup, Worthingtoncapitaling Cup, and FA Cup), I informed my father that I must go see the team in person.

It really stuck to me like glue when I went up to Anfield the next year to watch them play Villa. We lost but I had sat on the Kop and the atmosphere and energy had drawn me in. I’ve been obsessed ever since. I started to learn all the songs, read about our storied history, and watch as much as I could.

My Father and I on the Kop after my first game at Anfield

The older I got and the more I started to learn about the culture of the club and the people and city of Liverpool, the more the bond grew. Sometimes I wonder if choosing Liverpool was some divine cosmic event, but in any case, Liverpool has helped mold me as a person. Of course, growing up and watching in the era of Steven Gerrard, which includes Istanbul, the 2006 FA Cup final, and loads of ridiculous goals, helped solidify this connection.

When I moved back to the Bay Area in 2004, it was a real struggle to be able to watch the matches. After struggling to get a fix for a few seasons, my friend told me about a bar in Tampa (I now refer to this place as Mancdintons) where a few Liverpool fans would meet up to watch. So I started having my parents drive me over so I could watch the games (I was 15 at that time).

I would often have “dentist appointments” in high school, and when I did finally get my license, that caused me to be unsurprisingly absent when Champion’s League matches were on. Somewhere there is pictures of the old burgundy Cadillac I would drive to Tampa with two Liverpool flags attached to the rear doors (complete with rims and suede interior).

When I finally settled back in the Bay Area around 2012/13, I decided to become a proper member. There was actually a stretch where I religiously watched every match with LFC Tampa Bay (form I will try to rediscover). Dortmund was a real fun time. It was fun watching some newer fans get to experience the indescribable magic and fight provided by European Nights at Anfield.

The final last year was also a highlight of my LFC Tampa experience thus far and I’m hoping we get to taste more of that (see below). Believe me, there were some dark days, so I’m really enjoying the current vibe around the team and our supporters club.

Allez Allez Allez in the key of punk — prematch for the Champion’s League Final at London Heights

Name a Liverpool player you loved but feel is/was never appreciated?

Would have been Henderson up until last year (support the Jordans), but I will go with Alvaro Arbeloa. Class fullback who ended up winning almost everything there is and was key to that last great Rafa side.

What’s your favorite thing about matchdays with LFC Tampa?

Singing chants out of tune that make Dr. Marc grimace. Also just the discussions about the team and match.

Of all the Liverpool managers you have seen in your time, who has been your favorite and why?

It is Jurgen. Rafa was great and Istanbul is hard to top as a moment, but Klopp just fits with the ethos and character of the club so well.

What is your favorite LFC chant/song?

Poor Scouser Tommy or Gary Macca chant. Both sung in their entirety.

Of LFC’s rivals, what team you dislike the most?

United. Especially since their fans never seem to know a single thing about football.

Favorite LFC Kit?

08–10 Home Kit. Last year’s home kit might usurp that in a few years.

Strangest place you’ve had to watch a match?

Middle of a college class. Luis Suarez’s debut. Jumped up and screamed “yes!” when he scored. Left.

Have you ever met a current or former player?

I met THE Gary Macca when I worked at the Don Cesar. Spent the whole day stalking him when I found out he checked in and ripped my shirt off to show him my tattoo when I “bumped” into him.

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