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June 30, 2016

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KnipBio Announces Successful Completion of NSF-SBIR Phase I project to develop a High Efficiency Single Cell Protein for Aquafeeds

(Lowell, MA), June 30, 2016. KnipBio Inc, a biotechnology company developing nutritional solutions for animal feeds, announces the successful completion of its Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) project to advance the development of its combined protein-plus-carotenoid biotech platform. The broader goal of the project, entitled “The Advancement of a Novel High Efficiency Single Cell Protein for Aquafeeds”, is to support technology that will lead to the commercial production of an alternative to fishmeal and other expensive ingredients in aquafeeds. The company received a total of $179,999 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the project.

According to Larry Feinberg, PhD., co-founder and CEO of KnipBio, “Aquaculture has outpaced beef production since 2013 and today is the fastest growing source of animal protein for human consumption. The production of farm-raised fish is a $125 billion per year industry, however continued growth is dependent on the availability of a high-quality, low-cost protein that meets the nutritional needs of fish and does not compromise their health”. KnipBio is using proprietary biotechnology to meet this challenge. Taking advantage of some of nature’s best microorganisms to develop a better, cleaner, and healthier single cell protein (SCP) from non-food inputs that provides all of the benefits of fishmeal plus additional health benefits. The result is a novel source of protein that is nutritionally sound for fish and shrimp and offers valuable antioxidants known to support increased immunity from disease. “Over the next eighteen months we plan to use the results of this project to further validate the technology and begin commercialization efforts to bring this product to market”.

KnipBio, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based company pioneering advanced nutritional solutions for animal feeds using innovative biotechnology to develop a range of single cell protein products from non-food feedstocks.

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