Hello World!

I welcome myself to the wonderful world of Medium. For about a year now I have had writing on my to do list. Making writing a habit. I understand the importance of writing but until now I’ve done nothing about it. I did nothing about it because I had not motivation to start. That was until I started listening to Late Nights with Trav and Los and they forced me to start writing within 3 days. So Trav and/or Los if you’re reading this… thanks… I guess.

This blog will be a journal. It will be a notebook. It will be a platform for learning. It will be a wiretap into my brain. Here I will publish anything that comes to mind and hopefully a few things will have actually been worth writing about. If you want to read the confused thoughts of a growing boy then this might be the blog for you. Hooray!

Before we begin I should say a little bit about myself. My name is Luke. I studied Anthropology in college but I’m not ready for a career in the field. I currently work an IT position at a startup. I love the culture but I know the work isn’t for me. I’ve begun learning web design and development and I love the field. I am at an interesting stage in my life where I am attempting to transition in my career, and I think some may be able to relate to my situation. Hopefully a few of the insights I gain and write on this blog will be useful to someone out there.

Now, without further ado, hello world!

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