🕶️ $ABG IFO to be Hosted on LFGSwap

🥳 ​​Excited about the upcoming new round of IFO of LFGSwap!!!

⚽️ What is Armorboy?

Armorboy is creating a full-stack metaverse world by collaborating with football stars, sports celebrities, and game developers to build a bridge heading to crypto for football fans and non-crypto users. It strives to be the crypto gateway for non-crypto users to enter the metaverse world.

ArmorboyGames is a representative work of the classic Play-to-Earn football game. In the game world, there are player training system, tournament matching system (PVP/PVE), and energy system. Players can earn money in the game through various scenarios such as Team Logo Upgrade, Player Training, Player Upgrade, Game Rental, Player Rental.

A high level of game independence allows you to validate your personal strategy in-game as you progress in the Dream League. In addition to the beautiful artwork, the dynamic levels will perfect your immersive football experience.

🌟 Armorboy Earn System:

ArmorboyGames is creating different football games. Players can improve and train Armorboy to improve ArmorboyNFT attributes.

🔍 $ABG Tokenomics:

🛤 Key Metrics:

Ticker: $ABG
Blockchain Netweork: ETHW
IFO Total Raise: SoftCap: 8750000LFG/HardCap: 15750000 LFG
Project Valuation: $1,530,900
Tokens to be sold: 168,000,000 ABG
Participation quota: 14,000LFG ~700,000LFG 1 LFG=10.6 ABG
Sale date/time: Date: Nov. 28th, 12am (UTC) ~ Nov. 29th 23pm (UTC)
Unlock: 100%

🙌 Notice:

🔸 Commit your LFG tokens to buy ABG tokens at 👉 Link

🔸 5% of the total raised LFG will be burned

🔸 Check out the ultimate guide to attending IFO 👉 Link

⚽️ Armorboy SocialMedia:


🕶️ LFGSwap Official

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