Lost Ark recruiting by LF.Group

LF.Group is a company dedicated to one goal: to help players and gaming communities find new teammates in their favorite online games.

We have already launched LFG Discord bot with Traveling Merchants tracking function, which you may see in action in the biggest Lost Ark community Discord server of the r/LostArk subreddit.

Now we would like to present our concept of Recruiting platform: every guild will be able to set up a guild page and use it to look for new players. Read this article to learn more about all features!

Please keep in mind this is the concept and these features are not released yet.
If you’re interested in our Recruiting tool and want to help us develop it — please fill in a short google form: https://forms.gle/TvALDeb8Rkw13eHZ7

Main page

Here’s an example of how you can set up your guild’s page. 2 screenshots are actually one page, imagine that you scroll it to explore.

Key features:

  • Name, avatar, background, description and hashtags are fully customizable
  • Different filters to specify your goals and guild type
  • Calendar with events, raids timetable, etc.
  • Highlights and achievements to flex!
  • Open positions: tell people what players you’re currently looking for
  • Guild roster
Guild page


Create a custom application form with rich filters and a questionnaire.

Receive notifications about new candidates via Discord or in-browser on LF.Group website.

This is the page where you create new vacancies

Application form

Here’s how the player will see your application form.

Players have to create an account on LF.group and set up at least one character to be able to apply for the vacancy.

From a player’s perspective

Chat with applicants

Ask them questions, browse their profiles, etc. All players profiles who applied to your open position are stored in one place!

Yeah, our designer writes weird texts sometimes

How will the players discover your guild?

We will do our best to provide great coverage once a critical mass of communities is registered.

Our goal is to make LF.Group #1 recruiting tool in Lost Ark.

Vacancy browsing

Our interface is designed to quickly help players find the positions that they’re good enough for.

Filters will help players to find positions which suit them the most

Some more handy features

Search for other players that have already joined LF.Group. This page is initially made for our Group Finder, but we will add additional tags and options for recruitment as well.

Team wiki

Share your social media and useful links with the world


Create and schedule the events for your guild or your group


We have a special place on the front page which you can use to boast your guild/team’s achievements or set up an event for your own guild/team members

Invite members

Send the invitation link via Discord

More ideas for the future

  1. An AI helper that suggests the best communities for the player according to their interests and skill level
  2. News feed, recent updates on your community page
  3. Extended toolkit for other types of communities: streamers, small static groups, pvp teams

Thank you for reading this!

If you’re interested in our Recruiting tool and want to help us develop it — please fill in a short google form: https://forms.gle/TvALDeb8Rkw13eHZ7

Any feedback is very welcome at this point.

We’re open to any ideas. Our goal is to create the most advanced toolkit for MMO communities.

Join our Discord and ask any questions: discord.gg/lfgroup



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