My Concussion Almost Made Me Take My Own Life
Brenda Kramer

This was unreal reading this as it took pages out of my own life. I had an ‘old lady’ concussion, being 60 and this was my third. The other two were a long time ago, this one, I felt, was minor, so I wasn’t very worried about it. Didn’t go to the hospital, didn’t complain to anyone about my symptoms. It felt like someone had taken over my brain. I had horrible thoughts, anger and just hated everyone. I’m a mom with three grown children and thought I was having a mental breakdown for thinking and feeling this way and had no idea that it was because of my head injury. I did some research and it helped me understand what I was going through. Its hard to describe to someone who what it feels like to not know yourself anymore, when I try to explain it I can feel their disbelief. I just wanted you to know how much just reading your post has helped me. I’m very far away from that place and feel like I’m almost a hundred percent except for being haunted by those thoughts and still have a lot of anxiety. You’re courageous and I applaud your honesty. Thank you.

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