How I Learned to Sleep Only Three Hours Per Night (and Why You Should Too)
Cody Monson

Thank you so much for writing this article!!! Polyphasic Sleep has been amazing for me and I’ve only been doing it for a few days. I guess it’s been hardest for my partner (someone else’s alarm going off at 3am must be truly annoying). I have 3 hours between midnight and 3am, 8am-8:20, 1:40–2pm, and 6:40–7pm.

It takes a while for me to get to sleep normally (I have an over-active mind) so I allow for another 5–10 minutes before each snooze to get myself settled and I’m hoping my overall tiredness will help me fall asleep faster eventually. The best news is that if I know I won’t be able to get a snooze in the following day I can sleep from midnight to 6 or 7am (which is what I would normally do anyway) and my body seems to just get on with it (although I still end up having a snooze sometime in the middle of the day to balance it out).

There are so many polyphasic sleeping patterns (I don’t think I could ever go Uberman) like some of the more easier Biphasic sleep patterns (midnight to 5am and a snooze from 2:20–2:40pm) which may train your body to accept and look forward to napping in the middle of the day.

Even if I can’t get any sleep on my naps I simply relax, enjoy the downtime, and meditate until my alarm (soft bells) wakes me up.

Thank you for giving me more hours!!! I look forward to continuing the journey and am currently getting medically related information from people working in the area (“common knowledge” says you need as much sleep as possible but “common knowledge” people also used to believe that the earth was flat and now think vaccines are bad)