6 1/2 Years Later

After 6 1/2 beautiful years at SoundCloud, I’m moving on.

It’s hard to sum up the experiences of the past years (the good and the bad) and I’m grateful to everyone that made this experience so special and so rewarding.

My years at the ‘cloud shaped who I am. I feel that my contributions also really shaped SoundCloud and the world of music - hopefully for the better.

So what’s next? Berlin has become home for me and I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay and continue to advise talented individuals on topics around data and strategy.

I’m also working on a new project that I’ve been exploring on my spare time for the last 4 months. My passion for how humans connect and create has never been stronger. And the recent developments on decentralised networking are fuelling this passion.

New networks are emerging. More on that, soon.