Left over juices, from working heels.

Mixed with blood wine, left from skin peels.

Murky waters, no one goes through them.

They take the long path, around the rim.

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The dirty pass, as hairs join its pool.

They add more to it, with spit formed drools.

At night the dark, lets it play the fools.

Even the stumblers, wrapped in heavy wool.

In the sun, it captures the lonely sweat,

Beaming off their heads, the extra wet.

Still ignored, but held true power.

As people faced it, but chose to cower.

Until one day, someone hit their low.

Picked up his chin, his body thrown. …

How I wish I could fly anywhere.

Hide my shame invisibly.

Turn back time and recreate,

The scenes that ended miserably.

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Control the present with my mind.

Understand what needs to be.

Leave the careless far behind.

To look through other eyes and see.

Take on shape, escape and breathe.

To prevent inflicted pain.

Be the perfect version of me.

A part of royalty and reign.

Writing empowers my visions.

Lets me turn back the hour.

Color the world in my own paint.

And gives me the right power.

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From the sky, the pure snow drops.

Frosted tips, so cold and white.

Like babies drawn to the light.

Makes the world a bit more bright.

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It pushes pass the cloud’s grip,

To mix with tainted, foul air.

Like children learning to play fair,

While tasting the dark of nightmares.

It hits the ground, finally still,

Trying to hold, its shine in chill.

Like grown people, jobs they fill,

Dreams fade and so do their will.

It continues to sit, turns gray,

And stepped on, it gets in the way.

Like old men, retired from play.

Locked up in houses, told to stay. …

The lion roars.
To show his presence.
To guide the rest.
The lion roars.

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The human screams.
To show his pain.
To rid of anger.
The human screams.

The wolf howls.
To find the pack.
To rally others.
The wolf howls.

The human screams.
To find help.
To scare away.
The human screams.

The cricket chirps.
To find his mate.
To guard in song.
The cricket chirps.

The human screams.
To feel more sane.
To replace words.
The human screams.

Most of us scream
On the inside.
Most of us scream
To soon realize.
Most of us scream
When all is broken.
Most of us scream. …

“Are the lights on? Did I lock the door?”
Double check, her body implores.
Left with worry’s empty taste.
As her life moves in fast pace.

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The clock ticks, checks the time twice.
Always charging her double the price.
She stresses on the little things.
Answering to the pulse that stings.

Inevitably time slips away.
As her routine repeats its ways.
Continues to hold her empty glass.
Afraid to put it in the past.

One day she falls onto the floor.
Pierced by shards, screams from the core.
No longer thinking of the before. …

Coins to trade, coins our way.
No one to stop or regulate.
It helps us eat, lets us treat.
It still wins, during defeat.

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We set its price, no elbow grease.
No one control, ran by the free.
Do not stand by, come rally.
Push for other currencies.

Stacked up charges and more fees.
To feed the everlasting greed.
No human price, an entity.
Taking control of humanity.

Coins to trade, coins our way.
Coins now here, and here to stay.
To push for change, and to create.
As the world starts to depreciate.

So grab your crypto coins.
And your encrypted hopes.
Your new digital passes.
And leave controlled money in the past. …

It flies amongst the stars.
Flashes for a moment.
Despite the left scars.
Holds a place close, yet far.

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It carries the fallen.
From mistaken paths.
To reaches impossible.
And develops new plans.

It creates new countries.
Raises dead soldiers.
Stamps unsung heroes.
With a feeling of free.

Hear its silent sound.
Open up your eyes.
Place it in your heart.
Elevate from the ground.

It helps us climb.
Better than rope.
Do you see its shape?
It is hope.

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Am I just a wheel?
Consuming meals?
A speck in blue sea?
Bound by what I see?
Life amongst trees?
Breathing means free?

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Am I my beliefs?
The truth I seek?
Flag of a country?
Defined by currency?
A liability?
Part of society?

Am I what you see?
The way you judge me?
The values you pick?
First impressions stick?
Norm defined by you?
Do I dare to be rude?


I am who I choose.
I fill my own shoes.
I win when I lose.
I create my own views.
I see black beyond blue. …

Secrets create,
Enemies and friends.
Can start new trends.
Reveal new tech.
Endanger peace.
Turn blue to red.
Secret whispers.

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Secrets welcome.
Extra income.
Conditional love.
Regretful outcomes.
Emotional sin.
The hidden grin.
Secret whispers.

Secret sounds.
Entrapped inside.
Craves to be found.
Results in lies.
Eats till it dies,
Till realized.
Secret whispers, do not hide.

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Inspire those around you, so inspiration surrounds you.

— Lior Gavra

Some write for direction.
Some write for inflection.
Some write as death grips.
Some write from breath’s tip.

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Some write to cook.
Some write to play.
Some write to keep,
Their neighbors away.

Some write to be late.
Some write to relate.
Some write to pretend.
While looking for friends.

Some write to escape,
Their fallen mistakes.
Some write to erase,
The stains from bad fate.

Some write to hope,
To avoid the rope.
Some write their dreams,
When left with screams.

Some write and write,
While others read. …


Lior Gavra

I hope to inspire others through thoughts, fictional stories, and shared writings. Inspire those around you, so inspiration can surround you. https://lgavra.com

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