The Case For Human Intuition in the age of A.I

Why Following your guts may not be a bad idea in this age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Consider this in 2016, American presidential election there were two major candidates one was Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State in Obama administration, wife of former President with decades of political experience and on another side there was Donald Trump self-proclaimed billionaire real estate mogul with zero political experience. He was accused of being a fraud, racist and sexist. With the release of infamous Access Hollywood tape just a week before the elections, he was already pronounced as a lost cause even before the elections by several media houses with there sophisticated data analyst team and various other political pundits. The poll showed him that he has only 8% chance of becoming the most powerful man in the world, but the final result actually shocked the world to the core. Donald Trump was declared as the 45th president of the USA. Every media outlet with there sophisticated technology was unable to comprehend the final result. How could they be so wrong?

Though to make myself clear I am not a supporter of Donald Trump or his policies but there is an important lesson to learn from the impossible victory of Donald Trump. I have heard him say many times that “he always follows the advice of his gut” even if it’s against the advice of his team of trained experts or against the established practices of how the world should work.

Now with the advent of cool terms like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, I am not against these latest technologies I think such technologies can help us especially in important fields like medicine and healthcare and I don’t believe that robots will take over us and make us there slaves but we are constantly being told that we can’t even trust ourselves, that we are not sufficient and our decision making is completely flawed. Though it seems like marketing stunts by various Computer Geeks to sell there online ai tools and platforms and become next Big guys.

“we are constantly being told that we can’t even trust ourselves, that we are not sufficient and our decision making is completely flawed”

To be fair I am a kind of New Age person who follows the practices of the law of attraction. I meditate, visualize and generally follow my guts because I believe that human instincts are a natural way to take you to your destinations and that no analytics software can predict my success or failure in any domain of my life. Consider this, Stock markets are still run by sentiments and no matter how robust your analytical software is no one can predict when the next bull or bear will happen.

Not to make this article longer; I sincerely hope that no matter what people say there is a need for all of us to follow your guts because it knows better

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