the open road i face

with weary feet and dry lips

further, all welcome fame

but i cant slip, no i cant slip

the open road i face

and it invites me to walk and talk

talk i cannot, cant be delayed

and walking i am, never stopping

facing me, the open road

is open and empty and long and hard

it is narrow and lonely but sometimes not so much

i wonder where it will lead me

i am open to the open road

willing to undergo the changes it does

the road opens up and delivers gifts

travelers cant know what or who they will greet

even though it seems so, no i am not alone in this road

plenty talkers are walkers or fishes or doves

i’m just very good at ignoring them

the open road, though, is full of signs

love thy neighbor, be kind

it just seems to be easier to not see them and be blind

they talk about the dangers of the wide open road

how i might trip and stumble and fall

and how other people may help me

but these people always hit a wall

the open road implies a heavy load

and i’m always trying to be bold

and coldly i make myself seem stronger than i am

i need to always have a hold of things

and if i don’t, i fear for what may unfold

but traveling in the open road

and walking with other travelers

has taught me that i don’t need to always know

i do need to keep going, just go

but its OK if I go with the flow

i dont need to be faster than anyone

i just need to be at comfortable speed

and if my speed is good for me

keeping up is not that essential

in the end, who knew?

i actually made friends on the road

and i never knew

that i would miss these friends so dearly

i am thankful, yes

people made the road bearable

even pleasurable, if i may

and i hope to never take another journey

or go any other way

without a loyal friend to wound me

and to help me up and tell me that i’m okay.

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