historical injustice
It is sad yet predictable that when women of colour speak up for themselves they will be labelled…
Furaha Asani (formerly 'Orisirisi')

but here’s where i struggle. of course, without the sliver of a doubt, black people (of both genders, but if course even more for woman) have been on the receiving end of historical injustice, especially in ‘Merica.

however, for much longer than there has been a ”United States,” which was based on genocide and slavery from day 1, for much longer than european and african people even knew the other existed, there has been historical injustice against WOMEN. period. every country. every continent. every culture (except maybe for some of those ancient matriarchal goddess cultures, but their books and statues and art have mostly been destroyed by the patriarchal cultures who came after them, so it’s hard to know for sure).

and so i ask, how is attacking a woman based on her physical appearance addressing an historical injustice? i get that it’s addressing a fucked up trend in culture right now, appropriation and injustice, absolutely… but it’s also *amplifying* so much other historial injustice! women being judged only on their appearance. women helping the patriarchy thrive by hating on other women. bullying other women. get distracted taking each other down while the males of our species scoop up the power, the privilege, the respect.

so, no, i don’t think calling any woman an ugly bitch is helpful in alleviating any kind of injustice.

i get ezinne’s anger, and her right to express it, and i’m not trying to say she doesn’t have the right to say what she feels. i admire that. but sometimes i wonder — does she realize that non-black women can be allies? that they suffer, too? does she realize that overweight or “ugly” women will never find a partner because of our society’s fixation on female appearance? does she realize that trans women are being murdered and have been for millenia, and have an incredibly high suicide rate in THIS TIME? does she realize that bosnian women were , 20 years ago, the victims of an “ethnic cleansing” campaign in which the serbian male soldiers killed the husbands and babies of bosnian women in front of them, then raped them to get them pregnant with serbian sperm, thus “eliminating” the bosnian people?

does she realize that women’s bodies have been the victims of systematic violence and oppression since before the beginning of recorded history, just to prop up the patriarchy? on all continents. that the fixation on women’s virginity and fidelity to their husbands was/is solely to keep a patriarchal capitalist system in place — passing property from father to son — because a woman always knows who her kids are, but men couldn’t be assuraed their paternity of a child unless they were SURE their women were faithful, thus the stoning and slaughter of women accused of even slightly possible “unlawful relations” (which still happens today in many places, as we all know). and let’s not forget about female genital mutilation. or that women’s bodies and sexuality and reproductive abilities have spawned a toxic masculine fear that has made us the victims of oppression for thousands of years and has only begun to lessen, in some places in the world, in the last 100 years?

does she see the mothers crying, destroyed, holding their dead babies in their arms in syria? like, today? with that horrendous gas strike by assad on his own people?

i’m not saying sexism is more “important” than racism. although it sure is much older and more imbedded in our psyche as a species. i guess i just wonder… does ezinne want allies in women who are not black? does any part of her want to find common cause with other women, of other races, even the white race, to stand up, to fight for issues that affect ALL women? birth control (ok, that doesn’t affect lesbians or trans women). but how about…rape. kidnapping. childcare. equal pay. domestic violence. being the victims of wars and violence and suffering and starvation and brutality, all (basically) caused by the actions of men swinging their dicks around to see who’s got the biggest?

or more specifically, under trump, in america, how about latina mothers being deported to mexico, being forced to choose between leaving their children behind or bringing them back to terrible conditions, sometimes to death? how about muslim women, unable to find sanctuary in this country, having to stay in war zones that mean almost *certain* death for them and their children?

yes, black women have been fucked over royally, every which way, in this country and in many others. i would never say anything to disagree with THAT. but also, women in GENERAL have been fucked over, and continue to be. i want to work to ease the suffering and injustice for all women. ALL women, regardless of race or religion. i’m not just focused on the typical “white feminist” issues. i want to join with black women, though they may resent me. i want to join with lesbian women, though they may scoff at me. i want to join with muslim women, though they maye hate my jewish heritage. IMAGINE WHAT WE COULD DO AS WOMEN IF WE PUT ASIDE THESE PETTY ATTACKS ON EACH OTHER AND STOOD TOGETHER, AS ONE!

ok. end rant. that was longer than i thought it would be :D. bottom line, i wish and hope that someday, we can find a way to join together as sisters, all of us, to support each other.

because we deserve that.

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