White people — who really can’t stand this shift in loyalty
Being a “Black Racist Superstar” Is Not Fun, However, Being a “Superstar” Isn’t All That Bad
Ezinne Ukoha

Here is where it might be more accurate to say “many” or “most” white people. I know that you know that not every single white person in ‘merica hate the thought of increasing Black equality and justice… in fact, some of us think it’s freaking awesome! I know it’s tempting to paint ALL white people with a single brush, but it isn’t accurate. It’s not accurate for any group of people in the world, to assume they’re all the same. Not every German who lived under Nazi rule hated Jews, etc.

Yes, all white people have crazy privilege (though educated, middle/upper class, straight, male and and/or attractive white people have more than others) but that doesn’t make us all Black-fearing Trump supporters who want to go back to Jim Crow and don’t care about all the horrific police violence against Blacks. No, I’ll never know what it is to be Black in America. Of course. I fully recognize that. But that doesn’t mean I accept unarmed Black people being killed by police. It doesn’t stop me from marching, or from educating my child about the history of the Black experience in America, or from reading you. I love when you call out systemic racism, subtle racism, all of it. You’re a passionate, tremendous writer.

But when I see a statement that implies that ALL white people are… anything, really, it feels reductive and closed-minded, and it feels off-putting to me, because these ideas you express about how you think all white people think are not true about me. Or about many of us. It makes me wonder where you live in America! Have you ever been to Oakland or the Bay Area? It’s very different here, although of course racism and injustice are here (Fruitvale Station is here, after all).

Anyway I digress, but I hope you can take this in the spirit in which its offered. I don’t want to be put off by your writing because I love 99% of it. And I guess it hasn’t put me off yet, because I’m still reading you. ☺

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