Why CNN’s Fat-Shaming Piece Regarding a Victim of the Oakland Fire is Tragically Noteworthy
Ezinne Ukoha

i live here, and my community overlaps with that of ghost ship’s… so many people i know have been affected, i thank the gods no one i personally know was lost (that i yet know of).

i’ve read a half dozen accounts of this today, to try to figure out what happened, and to try to get all the knowledge i can to try to ensure this same fate doesn't befall any of the events held by own community. the stairs, the only exit from the second floor where the dj/band and party were, were made of wooden pallets, which immediately went up in flames, there was no escape. many of my friends who have been to parties there say that they felt the place was like a tinderbox when they were there. but i do not say this to blame ANYONE. the bay area is insanely expensive. some of us have to live in near 3rd world housing conditions just to survive here. as is evidenced by the circumstances which precipitated this tragic event. and i’m so afraid of what is going to start happening to artist collectives and communal living spaces in the aftermath of this tragedy. because you can be sure as hell that they’re not going to stop the blaming with the “heavy-set” guy.

but here’s what i wanted to say: i read a bunch of accounts that mentioned this same Bob Mule guy today, and these reports (all on local sites or alt blogs, or friends’ facebook accounts, etc) just said that he tried to pull a guy out who had fallen from the second floor, but that burning objects started falling on his head and he had to get out. NO ONE who was there, that i read, mentioned this guy was “heavy-set.” yours is the first article i’ve read to mention that. but then, i haven’t read cnn’s coverage.

so the story can be, and has been, covered without fat-shaming. it’s not necessary, and shame on cnn.

now back to combing the lists and praying the numbers do not get much higher… and appreciating the firefighters who are digging out the rubble, bucket by bucket, to find all the dead and hopefully find the cause of the fire… they really are heroes.

let’s all send a little extra love out to each other tonight. but for the grace of the goddess go us all…

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