At the moment I’m preoccupied with the plight of Black women and people of color in general because…
Ezinne Ukoha

ok, medium is being weird, so i hope i’m responding in the right place.

i 100% agree with you that sandra bland would not have had that shit happen to her had she been white.

and i never said you were a monster. i dont think you are, at all.

but when you say: “because their needs surpass the disposition of the privileged”… i’m just truly curious. do you really think that trans women living in non-liberal areas, who are super prone to bullying to the point of suicide, or poor women who are stuck, by virtue of their children or their economic status, in households with violent men who regularly abuse them and may kill them are “privileged?” that their needs are surpassed by the needs of people of color? because of the color of their skin? is that the only measure of oppression?

not gender, or religion, or mental health issues, or addiction, or sexual/gender orientation, or ECONOMIC CLASS?

do you think a wealthy black female doctor (like my stepmom) living in the oakland hills is more in need of protection than a homeless white trans woman living under a freeway, just praying every night she isn’t raped or murdered? you see how class plays a crucial role in that dynamic. doesn’t my stepmom have a kind of obligation, by virtue of her economic status, to help protect the women who are currently being targeted by trump and his orcs (and bigots all over our wonderful land)? i know SHE believes that she does, and she is working with groups of different people to prepare to care for some of those other targeted minorities. but maybe that’s just a west coast thing, or a bay area thing… i dunno.

is it like, a competition for you? because there’s plenty of injustice to go around! i’m curious as to why you do not want/cannot/choose not to widen your scope to ALL of those oppressed? i know it’s not because you’re a “monster”, c’mon. is it, perhas, because to take all that in is too staggeringly painful? i know sometimes when i start to let in all the knowledge of suffering, in a global perspective, to let my empathy extend itself, curling tendrils into all the terrible places in the world, absorbing that suffering and injustice and cruelty and death, sucking it up and bringing it back into my chest, my gut, my head, it can feel way too painful, too hard. makes me TOO angry, too overwhelmed, and depressed as hell. like, what the fuck is the point, the world is a terrible place. maybe it’s helpful, psychologically, to narrow your focus onto one particular demographic? i am truly curious, to know why you choose to focus pretty much solely on the suffering of black women. not to say that isn’t a deserving topic! but… why limit it? does it take too much out of you when you think about the suffering everywhere, the child dying every second from preventable starvation, the women being raped and people killing themselves as i type this, the bombs falling and the people running and dying?

yeah, i’m optimistic tonight! i’ve been watching too much of that syrian bomb strike coverage :(

but you said black women AND women of color, and i sure hope that includes latina women and muslim women, because they (in addition to black women, of course) are the ones being targeted by the new trumpist agenda. i believe that at the moment, their plight is pretty severe. those are some of the groups i am currently preoccupied with.

when you say “ I choose to tackle the issues that hit too close to home for comfort.” do you mean you believe they hit too close to home for ME, because i’m talking about trans women and lesbians? or are you referring to white women in general, because this article is about that conway women as a “white feminist?” i’m not sure who you were saying it was too close to home for. because to me, it doesn’t hit close to home because i am a white woman. it hits close to my heart (in a social justice sense) because i don’t want trans/queer, immigrant, and muslim women (OR black women) to be ignored and abused, rejected and killed. i dont want to see them being rounded up by squads of armed men in the middle of the night. i dont want to continue seeing them dead by their own hands. i want every woman and child who can get out of syria to get the FUCK OUT OF SYRIA! i want kids to stop killing themselves. i want the hatred to stop. i want trump out of office. i also want a rainbow unicorn.

so yeah. that’s my curiousity. you do not have to respond of course, but i like a good debate :) espcially with another intelligent woman such as you, ma’am!

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