I think what you may not understand is this song is actually meant for those of us who have had to…

thank you, Patricia. this article is a good example of the difference between older and younger women in this election and at this time in american history. and it’s a good thing, really: we fought against those gender stereotypes, defied what was “expected” of us as “good” women, we fought and fought… so that younger women and girls wouldn’t have to KNOW the level of sexism of the previous generation… just as i could not comprehend the level of sexism of my mother’s generation (abortion was illegal, most middle-class+ women didn’t work, divorce was a rarity and illegal in some states, etc).

as i try to explain to my 5 year old daughter that this is the first time a woman has been nominated to even RUN for president, she looks at me quizzically. she will grow up thinking that the old days were so terrible, when gay people couldn’t marry and no woman had ever been the president of the USA and weirdo politicians were trying to make trans people use certain bathrooms… just as i grew up thinking (knowing) that jim crow and miscegenation laws were so terrible.

and i’m GLAD my daughter will grow up in this world, but it also means she won’t have the same understanding that we do, or even that Claire has. it’s progress, but it sucks too, when the people you fought so hard for take your work for granted (i’m not saying Claire is doing this). but this is the way it goes.

for those people who may have forgotten, i say, watch this clip!

(of course, this is a much prettier version than the actual suffragette struggle, which obviously happened way before i was born, but i try to remember those women on every election day when i go to the polls).

“Our daughter’s daughters will adore us, and they’ll sing in grateful chorus, Well done, sister suffragettes!”

so maybe some of them don’t adore us, or say thank you, but you know, this movie was made before the internet existed, when we were not so self-involved that we were unable to be grateful to previous generations for progressive movements and actions ;)

but guess what, kids? MARY POPPINS COULDN’T VOTE!

also, honestly, i think that the campaign is also trying to replicate the success of the will.i.am obama song from 2008 (younger readers: you can find it on youtube). showing a lot of celebrities that the kids love all endorsing clinton through song is a great way to knab a bunch of youth votes, and since sanders isn’t running, clinton needs that youth vote, unless we want to elect an f’ing maniac.

ps: i do have to agree with Claire that this song is annoying as hell :p an earworm, as they say, but not a great one.

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