Agile Retrospectives Assessment Survey a Great Exercise

Hi guys, in this post I will explain how can you use Team Assessment Survey as a tool for a retrospective. On my current job I was exposed to the SAFe framework by Dean Leffingwell, this framework provide a team assessment survey, the exercise that I will teach here is an adaptation of Dean’s assessment. The original assessment can be found here.

This exercise can be found in the book: “Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives”, a book written by me and Ben Linders with the foreword from Esther Derby. The book can be downloaded by free in LeanPub.comor, please download it and spread it within your colleagues.

If you are interested in getting some extra Agile Retrospectives exercises, I created a blog post with dozens of Agile Retrospectives Ideas, check them and see if you find something interesting.

What you can expect to get out of this technique

The purpose of this exercise is to analyze how teams are performing in different areas and identify possible improvements to be taken in the near future (next sprint?). The assessment has four main areas:

  • Product Ownership Health — How the product owner is performing
  • Sprint Health — How activities within the sprint are being managed
  • Team Health — How healthy is the team spirit within the team
  • Technical Health — How well the team has implemented technical best practices

If you want to continue you can see the rest of the article on my blog:

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