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While a coaching session should feel natural and organic to those in attendance, these events do not become successful by accident; to be effective, a coaching session needs to be structured in the manner outlined below:

1. Begin With Open, Caring Questions

One should begin a coaching session by asking questions that are both emotionally significant and open-ended; by doing so, the coach invites clients to express whatever is on their minds. It’s important to be aware of factors that may be influencing the coachee’s motivation and ability to work, after all, before one gets started on anything else.

Try asking questions like:

• “What´s been the best (or worst) thing to happen to you this week?”
• “What in your life is interesting you the most right now?”
• “Have you experienced any major changes in your life since we last met?”
• “What´s new with you? Has anything interesting happened this week?”

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