Hi, guys! During the last weeks, I have been coaching a couple of teams in the DoD Meaning: Definition of Done Agile. This topic always pops up. The topic itself is not a challenge, but in this blog, I would like to explain how teams can mature their Definition of Done Agile.

For the ones that are a bit distracted and do not know what Definition of Done (DoD) means, I will explain by referring to Wikipedia:

The exit criteria are used to determine whether a product backlog item is complete. In many cases, the DoD requires that all regression tests should be successful. The definition of “done” may vary from one Agile Team to another, but it must be consistent within one team.

But how can you as a Scrum Master or team push yourself to improve your Definition of Done?

If you want to continue you can see the rest of the article on my blog:

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