A quite nice exercise that can be used in Agile Retrospectives is the LEGO Retrospective. Normally team members are enjoying this playful technique as they are joining a totally new creative space where they will define their improvements on an abstract layer.

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What you can expect to get out of this exercise

The LEGO Retrospective helps teams to express their thoughts in a playful way. While you are doing this exercise you jump out of the rules of ordinary life and replace them with the rules of this game. Most members might have played LEGO® when they were kids, so motivation level normally is very high. Therefore even introvert team members who tend to speak very little have a chance to express themselves.

When you would use this exercise

If you have never been a facilitator of a retrospective before then this exercise is an easy way to start. This technique can vary from time to time, which makes it suitable in many situations.

How to do it

Before you start, get sure you have sufficient LEGO® Bricks at hand. The amount of bricks depend on the team size.

As the LEGO retrospective is a very creative exercise you should create an alternative world, a model world where team members don’t feel like in their daily environment. You should definitely change to create place. Music in the background can help to create the space even more comfortable.

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