During whole my professional life, people spent hours telling me the importance of good design patterns. I believe all of us bought books about design partners, cookbook recipes or any other type of book that would give you the right practices of the industry.

I do not have anything against that and how could I? Myself wrote a book about Agile Retrospectives tools box :). All these books are useful and necessary, but during my career, I understood that writing about good practices is not enough. We must write about what we should not do, the anti-patterns, the smells like I call them.

No single Product Owner for one team

I see this phenomenon happening quite often in organisations that implemented SAFe (Scaling Agile Framework) in the past, dropped and returned to simple Scrum. In the SAFe framework, you have two roles: Product Manager and Product Owner. The Product Manager is the one thinking more in a strategically way; the Product Owner is the one thinking more about the daily activities.

When companies go back to Scrum there is no more two roles, there is only Product Owner, but companies do not want to fire anyone, so they assign two product owners to the team, even if they still use the same mindset: assigning one person to the strategically part and another to the daily activities I see this as a failure.

I believe it’s tough to work with this scenario; you must have one single person responsible for the whole product, like a friend of mine used to say “one single neck”.


Companies must understand that is not possible to have this scenario and they must provide an environment where each team has one single product owner.

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