Hi guys, quite often people ask me where they can find a good Scrum Master Role description. A couple of months ago I needed to create one for the company where I currently work, and now I am going to share it with you.

Scrum Master Role:

The main goal of having a Scrum Master at a company should be to create stable and self-organised teams with a clear and engaging direction, help to identify and resolve organisational impediments, as well as educate the organisation on Agile Methodologies.

Main duties

Responsible for the Scrum Artefacts:

  1. Facilitating Planning
  2. Facilitating Grooming
  3. Facilitating Reviews
  4. Facilitating Retrospectives
  5. Helping the team to stay focused (e.g. by acting as a buffer between external, distractions and the team)
  6. Helping the team to maintain their scrum tools (Story board, Action board, charts, backlogs, etc.)
  7. Helping the team and the product owner to find a suitable Definition of Done and Definition of Ready

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