Questival Seattle with Team Bestival

Quite the adventure here at Questival Seattle! My team of 5 (team Bestival, check out our team page) and I have done some really crazy challenges just 12 hours into the 24-hour photo-scavenger-hunt, including howling at the moon at midnight, making a piece of origami and giving it to a stranger, doing yoga while eating yogurt (yoyo-ing), eating an onion like it’s an apple, belting in public, and even FaceTime-ing with a family member to tell them I love them.

Starting off Questival with our gear!

The premise of the Questival is too have as many crazy adventures as possible in 24 hours, and to record all of your completed Questival challenges through photos and videos of you and your team with your special *totem* Cotopaxi backpack (which is super cute btw). I’ll keep you updated on our adventures as the day continues on…

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