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Customer-facing parts of an organization, such as marketing, sales, and support, have the access and ability to effectively use data to make actionable insights leading to next generation customer experiences. Business operations can access real-time information and predictive insights to make positive and informed decisions.

Does this sound like your organization? For many, the answer to this is — not yet. But now more than ever it is becoming a real possibility.

The customer needs

Imagine you walk in an empty city. As you explore some streets will feel safe, secure and inspiring, whereas others may feel threatening, scary or you may even feel despised. The point is that we respond strongly on the cues and artifacts of our surrounding. We like to see things that are nice and pleasing as they make us feel safe and that they are thoughtout. Its a default human behavior to judge the book from it cover.

Are you familiar with the broken windows theory? It is a criminology theory that states that maintaining a good appearance of the…

Lefteris Grammatas

Analytics mind, Storyelling hart, Marketing spirit

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