5 Tips to Distinguish Good and Bad Locators

Why reading these tips?

Tip #1. Long texts are usually BAD

Tip #2. XPath axes are very handy sometimes

  • Find the <a> tag whose @href attribute contains the string ‘skuId=6139660’.
  • Based on that <a> tag, find all of its ancestors (parent, grandparents, great grandparent, etc.).
  • Among those ancestors, pick the one that is a <div> with the @class attribute equal to ‘row’.
  • Based on that <div>, look for all tags inside of that <div> and pick out the <select> tag.
  • Bingo. Since each row only contains one <select> tag, that <select> ought to be the Quantity dropdown list we’re looking for.

Tip #3. Treat tables as tables

Tip #4. Avoid absolute paths at all cost

Tip #5. Always test your XPath


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POM Builder Development Team

POM Builder Development Team

www.pombuilder.com | https://logigear.github.io/pombuilderblog

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